Cameron Pratto

Cameron Pratto

Hi. My name is Cameron. Some people call me Cam. I teach the Primal Yoga class at Yoga Soup and work at the front desk.

I moved from Houston, TX to Santa Barbara in 2020. I’ve been practicing Yoga for 27 years. 

Before I went into the Fitness Industry, I was a Systems Engineer in the IT Industry for 15 years. I started my own IT consulting business, did corporate IT teaching, public speaking and moonlighted in spoken word Poetry Slam competitions.

After leaving IT, I started a coaching company called Urban Movement and ran my own Movement Academy for almost ten years. I was an ambassador for the Yamakasi founders of Art Du Deplacement (a.k.a. Parkour), and I was a team instructor for the global leader in Natural Movement, MovNat. I traveled all over the world teaching Parkour and Natural Movement workshops and certifications.

I also have a lot of experience around various Martial Arts, Circus Arts, Dance and Stunts.

My most recent area of study culminated into a 3-year immersion into Kriya Yoga under the guidance of a highly realized Vedic monk, Swami Vidyadhishananda. The main focus was the practice of Kriya Pranayama and Meditation techniques and the study of Yoga and Sankhya Philosophy.

Aside from teaching at Yoga Soup, I have an app-based online coaching program and offer very limited private lessons around town.

When I’m not teaching or at Yoga Soup, I’m usually making graffiti-themed decoupage collage wall art and furniture.