Event Hosting

Thank you for your interest in hosting an event or workshop at Yoga Soup.

Before reading on, please note that for Co-Produced Events we are currently booking events 2-6 months in advance on average. We require 2 months minimum between receiving your completed proposal and the date of your event. If you are interested in renting the studio, we don’t require as much lead time.

We generally have space for special events on weekend afternoons and some Friday and Saturday evenings.
If you are interested in hosting a book signing, please click HERE.

We host 2 types of events:

  • Co-produced

    • 60/40% split of revenue (60% to presenter)
    • We create digital flyers and promote on our website, social media, and newsletter
    • Checks are paid out at the end of each month
    • Presenter/teacher co-promotes through their own newsletter or social media channels.
  • Rentals

    • Flat hourly rate
    • Presenters do all their own promotion, registration, & marketing
    • Our rates:
      • 1 hour: $50
      • 2 hours: $90
      • 3 hours: $125
      • 4 hours: $160
    • A cleaning fee of $30 is added to all rentals
    • If your rental requires the cancelling of classes, we may also include the estimated loss of income in the rental charges (to be determined on a case-by-case basis)
    • We have special rates available for non-profits and Yoga Soup members
    • We offer 1-2 newsletter mentions for an additional $50.
      • Facilitator is responsible for creating a square, digital flyer with the title, short description and contact or registration info. Please do not include the pricing of the event on your flyer.

Is a Studio Rental or Co-Produced Event right for you?

Generally, Yoga Soup offers the Co-Produced Event option when 2 criteria are met:

  • The Presenter/Teacher is a Yoga Soup teacher OR has a local and/or national reputation and the ability to co-promote through their own newsletter, social media, etc.
  • The proposed topic is in line with the interests of our members and intention of the Studio: to provide a safe, vibrant, serious and light-hearted space for self observation and transformation to occur. Generally this includes offerings of Yoga, Movement, Meditation, Somatic experiences, Dance, Sound, Spiritual Exploration and Healing. Our workshops usually include an interactive or experiential component. Generally we do not co-promote talks, lectures or presentations.

All of our events require a $50 non-refundable deposit in case of a cancellation. This helps offset the losses for holding the rental space for you. If you need to cancel and give us more than 3 weeks notice, we can reschedule your rental one more time using the same deposit. Please send deposits via our Paypal link.

If you are interested in renting studio space there is no need to fill out the form below, please simply email traciyogasoup@gmail.com.


For co-produced event proposals, please fill out the following form.

Upon receiving your completed proposal, we will consider your offering and decide whether it is a good fit for us in terms of content and desired time. If we decide to move forward, we will send you an event contract. (Please note that our events coordinator works part time and a response may take as long as a week.) You will receive a copy of your completed form once it is submitted. If you don’t receive the copy or don’t hear back from us with in a week, please email events@yogasoup.com.

**PLEASE NOTE** On certain browsers the form below has not worked effectively. If you submit and have not heard back form us with in a week, please email events@yogasoup.com.

    Your Name (required)

    Your Email (required)

    Your Phone (required)

    Title of event (4 words or less preferable)

    Preferred day of the week, time, and possible dates for your event (no less than 2 months out from the date of submitted proposal)

    A short, succinct, well-edited description of the event for our flyer (60 words or less)

    A separate, longer description for our website listing, if desired

    A short bio

    Up to 3 photo options for a flyer (We have square-formatted flyers. Please submit high resolution images of at least 1000 px/300 dpi; square format preferred, landscape-oriented ok — but image will be cropped.)

    Recommended pricing (both early bird and day-of, if applicable. Please check our website Events page for samples of typical Yoga Soup event prices.)

    Any links to your online presence (website, Instagram, Facebook, Soundcloud, YouTube, etc.)

    How long is the event? How much set-up and breakdown time do you need? Will you require any further resources (ie. seating, PA system, etc.)?

    What is your maximum number of participants (if any)?

    What is your minimum number of participants (if any)?

    Have you taught this offering before? If so, where and when?

    Is this offering something your community has been asking for?

    If a friend referred you to our studio, would they be willing to provide us a testimonial for your offering and assist us with promotion of your event?) This is especially pertinent to teachers coming from out of town who do not have any sort of following in our Santa Barbara community.) If yes, please include testimonial with your proposal along with their contact info.

    If you are able, would you be willing to come to our studio before your event to give our staff and/or teachers a free preview of your offering? (If we are not familiar with you, this is a great opportunity to ally with our local teachers and share your knowledge, as they will then be able to recommend specific students from their classes to attend your event.)

    Is this a one-time offering, or are you looking to bring this workshop to our studio on a repetitive basis? If the latter, please describe the frequency with which you'd like to ideally present.

    Please remember to send your $50 non-refundable deposit in case of cancellation. (If no cancellation occurs, that amount will be deducted from Yoga Soup's portion of revenue.)