Please Consider a Donation to Yoga Soup

Hi Folks,
Yoga Soup is a small place, on a very small side street, in a relatively small city open every day for 18 years, going on 19!
Our job is to well tend the space for inquiry, growth and self-study through a wide variety of offerings and to support the community in the many ways you know we do.
Bless our dedicated teachers devoted to their craft and to their students’ well being.
Bless our staff organized as much around kindness as they are competency.
We’re a community space offering respite from the ordinary stress and madness of modern life and as one such space our role in the biodiversity and emotional well-being of Santa Barbara is worth preserving.
Donations you make to the studio, both online and in person, help support not only Yoga Soup, but also Oat Bakery, Organic Soup Kitchen, and our vendors at the local farmer’s market.
If you’ve had a favorable impression of the studio, an inspiring class, a bowl of oatmeal, a good read …. perhaps you’d consider making a donation.
Perhaps you know some people who also know some people who’d like to support what we do here.
A little bit from the many will go a long way in keeping us open.
For the support over the many years, thank you.
May whatever God you honor bless you and your loved ones this holiday season with good health, renewed vigor and the wisdom to know what’s real.
much love,

Help us Keep Serving the Soup.

No matter it’s size, your donation will help keep our doors open through these challenging times.