Love in Action: 200 Hour Yoga Immersion & Teacher Training


An in-depth opportunity to enrich your practice, nurture your unique gifts, and explore Vinyasa Yoga as a vehicle for self-inquiry, transformational loving, personal empowerment, and inspired living.


This 200 Hour Yoga Alliance Certified Course will give you the tools to take you to the next level as a teacher and a student. This program is open to students interested in developing a deeper understanding of yoga, their practice, and knowledge of their Self.

Learn to tend to your thoughts, physical body and subtle body in new ways while simultaneously building and connecting with community.

Our training prepares you to teach a well-rounded and safe vinyasa yoga class rooted in practice, study and personal experience.

You will learn:

    • How to create an all-levels alignment-based class
    • Asana Teaching Techniques
    • Teaching Methodology
    • The dynamics of sequencing: Vinyasa, Hatha, Restorative, and Yin Yoga
    • How to weave passion and purpose into your teaching
    • Subtle nuances of sequencing movements, music, talking points and poses
    • Basic anatomy of muscles and bones (and how alignment flows out of it)
    • Subtle body anatomy (chakras, koshas, bandhas)
    • The Roots and Evolution of Yoga: the path of modern day yoga from East to West
    • How to take your practice off the mat and into your life with The Eight-Limbed Path
    • To practice teach, develop a sequence, and cultivate your voice

Find a more in-depth course outline HERE.



Begin your journey towards becoming a certified yoga teacher– and/or deepen your understanding of yoga– through philosophy, history, self-discovery and practice.

This program is designed to foster the growth of the student and aspiring teacher within each of us to provide the knowledge for the practice of yoga in a manner that can enrich your life as well as others. Since this course offers a strong foundation of yoga, it’s a valuable course for students and teachers alike. Students will be encouraged and empowered to develop and be immersed in the study of yoga so that upon completion of this course, students will have not only the tools to teach safely and effectively with insight into the practices of yoga but also have a deeper understanding of how yoga can empower their lives.



200 hours provides time to unpack both the foundations and more subtle aspects of the practice. 

Course Structure:
Module I: August 25-Sept 3, 2023
Module II: Oct 13-20, 2023

*there will also be some online content in addition to class time together
**schedule subject to change

Course Tuition
Early bird $2700 (before June 30, 2023)
Regular Pricing $3000 (July 1, 2023)

A completed application and $500 deposit will secure your spot in the program.


Erica Blitz

Erica believes in the power to move + be moved, to live simple + love big, to spark within + shine without.

With intention, integrity and inspiration, her offerings are grounded in a supportive and inviting space for everybody to experience the benefits of yoga and meditation. Together with a focus on the breath and physical alignment, she weave a balance of structure and fluidity into mindful movements to grow your practice, open your heart, still your mind + deepen your connection to your interior life – which will undoubtedly influence your outer life.

She is passionate about body mechanics and creating a sustainable and enriching practice for her students. Moving from pose to pose and breath by breath, Erica’s classes reflect a balance between structure and fluidity, strength and flexibility, support and surrender, stillness and motion, limits and liberty, fear and trust, holding on and letting go, stability and freedom.

Erica’s approach to yoga is steeped in an intensive background of yogic studies, health sciences (developmental psychology and nutrition) and healing arts (aromatherapy, massage, and meditation). Her most influential teachers include Noah Maze, Chris Chavez and T.K.V. Desikachar— all of whom illuminate the physical, mental, spiritual and heartfelt benefits of practicing and teaching yoga.

Originally from Canada, Erica worked as a Yoga Studio Director and then as a Director of Learning and Development leading, facilitating and organizing workshops, trainings and retreats. Additionally, she teamed up with Namaste TV in Canada to write, design and narrate Season 3 and Season 4 of Namaste Yoga, the world’s premier instructional yoga series.

She has been leading yoga teacher trainings around the world since 2006 and believes that health and happiness in life are wonderful results of yoga, but that its ultimate purpose is to awaken us to our highest potential as human beings. She passionately share this powerful practice from her heart to yours.
instagram @ericablitz

Denise Zaverdas

Denise enjoys the tenure of over 23 years of teaching with passion and creativity.  With a B.S. degree in Kinesiology, an unending fascination of human form and function, and the deep curiosity of a seeker, Denise shares the practice from her heart and years of exploration, inquiry, learning and unlearning.

While drawing from a diverse blend of disciplines, she emphasizes spirit, breath, structure, strength and fluidity.  Often described as a “teacher’s teacher,” Denise guides students inward to foster a deeper connection with their inner master.  She is a perpetual student, and her current understanding is that Yoga is about relationship: our inner relationship with Self and Spirit, and our outer relationship with fellow travelers and the world around us.

Denise crafts each unique class as a moving meditation, in preparation for stillness and seated meditation. She believes that each of us has the ability, regardless of outer circumstances, to create inner harmony, which ripples endlessly toward the harmony of all.

She has taught all levels of practitioners in a variety of styles, such as Ashtanga, Forest, Yin, Restorative, Therapeutic and Vinyasa Yoga. In addition to her 25 years of in-depth studies on the mat, and many years dedicated to serving the local community in the classroom, Denise also has extensive experience in yoga studio management.  For 12 years, first as Assistant Director of the Santa Barbara Yoga Center, and then as the founder of Montecito Yoga, she facilitated many workshops and teacher trainings (both 200 Hr and 300 Hr).

Denise is particularly keen on refining the practice for beginners and those with special needs, sharing the gift of Yoga with all levels of ability and experience.


“I found the content accessible, deep, clear and I feel like I’ve learned and grown significantly both as a yoga teacher and as a human being.” R. L.
“(This training) was a rich mix of practice and lecture, which included a tremendous assortment of both physical and energetic yoga…business, and a lot of fun.” S. C.
“I practice yoga with a deeper listening to my body than I did before. The training taught me that to practice yoga it is necessary to really listen inward so that we don’t injure ourselves or push past our limits too much, and also to move through emotional and spiritual territory that is important to the whole of the practice. The fact that our skeletons are all different, our spirits are all unique, means that our practice can be what we need, not what we think it should look like. Also, learning more about the philosophy of yoga, the yamas and niyamas, and all of the wisdom our teachers had to share was completely life changing. It helped to deepen my practice of yoga not only on the mat, but also in all things I do.” ~ Katelyn B. Class of 2020
“The Yoga Soup training was the most impactful training I’ve done. The instructors are experts, the content made me want to never stop learning and my personal practice has grown immensely. I look forward to getting on my mat everyday with this new knowledge!! Thank you Luca, Cynthia, Kendall, Eddie and others!!!” ~ Mycah K, Class of 2020
“I appreciated each teacher’s particular engagement with the philosophical material, the principles of alignment, and the principles of teaching yoga. The sessions on subtle body (the bandhas and the chakras) really validated some watershed experiences I have had in the practice, experiences I had previously thought were a little nutty, to say the least – these sessions in particular aroused a deep appreciation, a kind of reverence, for the vast alchemy of resources for self-healing and self-transformation the yoga practice provides.
In terms of the experience in practice teaching gained from the teacher training, the practicum weekends and the final evaluation exercise were very helpful, particularly the feedback I received from my peers and the teacher trainers!”~ Emily C. 2019