Words from our clients and community:

Yoga Soup is more than a schedule of activities and classes. Its a living, breathing family who welcomes each other in a common pursuit of breath, happiness, goodness and love- lots of love. I don’t see showing up as a duty or a chore, but as a needed respite. Thomas Wolfe in “Look Homeward Angel” said you can’t go back home.
Well, I can always go to Yoga Soup. 

— Roger Durling

If I had to sum up The Soup in a couple of words, it would be Goodness, Growth and Community. Every time I walk in, I feel embraced by a benevolent energy I’ve come to know as the Soul of Soup.

This is the solid place I come to in order to rest away from external pressures, burn through my delusions and uncover new dimensions of the Truth of Who I Am. At the Soup, alongside like-hearted humans on the journey of self-discovery, I move my energies around, unclog my mind, sweat out my fears and stretch into new possibilities for my life. I take the offered opportunity to slow down, to face myself and dare to dive into what I don’t know. I can make fresh choices. I find peace and reconnect with joy. I sing my heart out. I make friends. I eat the best food ever! 

So many of my life firsts have taken place in this beauty-filled sanctuary.  Like the first time I took a real breath. I shift, I revolt, I shed, I evolve. Every time I walk out of the Soup, I am a different person, a little lighter and freer.

— Auna Salomé

Yoga Soup is a place where I have been encouraged to look honestly at the way things are. I have been consistently amazed, inspired, cared for, and forgiven by the folks at Yoga Soup. It has become the context of my education, relentlessly teaching me to relax my judgments and pay attention. And I’m sure its done more to me than I could possibly imagine. Wouldn’t be anywhere else.

— Skyler Levenson

Like a good hands-on assist, Yoga Soup helps me re-align my self toward my purpose; my words toward truth; my actions toward integrity; my body toward wholeness. Being apart of this community both challenges and blesses my life in all the richest, most delicious ways. I become a better facilitator, a better student, a better friend, a better musician, a better human, because of this place and the nourishment it feeds to my soul. 

The best part is that when I look around at the people who also call this place home, I see the reflection of all that richness in their eyes, in their body, in their speech and action, and I feel that I am apart of something very real, and truly transformative. 

— Britta Gudmunson

Never have I found a place that I can put all my talents and interests into service, or to feel so supported in my personal growth. I consider myself very lucky; I get to be involved with Yoga – a practice that love dearly and credit with saving my life (and mind) multiple times – on a daily basis. After almost 20 years of practice, Yoga continues to open and move me, it’s depth and teachings seemingly endless. 

The studio also offers me a home to offer my handmade treats, along with special beverages and body products that bring me so much joy to create.All through my adult life, I have been exploring what community is; what brings us together, how can we live peacefully, healthily, benefitting each other, tending our hearts?  Yoga Soup is an example of a community (and a business) that shows me what’s possible and holds me in my imperfections and triumphs. 

— Luca Cupery

Sentiments from Yelp:

Although I’ve seen a great deal of benefit for my body through regular yoga classes, I come to Yoga Soup for the mental exercise it provides me.  There are so many places in town to take yoga classes, but this one has been home for me.

— Cindy F, Santa Barbara

Classes, classes, classes, need I say more. The instructors are incredible.
There is everything for all levels of yogi. This place shines in a city full of amazing yoga studios. 

— Brian J, Santa Barbara

Yoga Soup is the kind of yoga studio that reminds you of the possibilities of an authentic yoga practice.
The teachers really do teach, not just stand in front of the class and “do” poses.  Their cues are nuanced and clear.  They are prepared to teach.  I loved this studio— I was visiting Santa Barbara and went to 2 classes a day. I had 4 instructors, all different, all good.  Welcoming, encouraging and inspiring.  

— Jamie T, Canonsburg, PA

My studio away from home when I visit Santa Barbara.
So many great offerings and workshops. As a long time practitioner and teacher, I am constantly challenged in a very good way when I attend classes here. Extra bonus points for being around the corner from Backyard Bowls and near the city parking lot!

— Mary M, Walnut Creek, CA

I’ve been practicing yoga for about 5 1/2 years now in various studios in Santa Barbara for 4 years and in random places around the world (Bali and Europe). Out of everywhere I’ve been, Yoga Soup is hands down my favorite studio in the entire world. 

Yoga Soup captures the true essence and root of yoga. It’s the perfect mix of spiritual, educational, social, and physical. 

— Marie A. Santa Barbara, CA

The first thing you’ll notice is that the calm within this wonderful place will pull you right through the front door! The selection of yoga, meditation & reflective reads is extensive without the feeling that they are trying to sell you something. A great selection of yoga shirts, mats and such. The energy is just such that you’ll find what you are there to find 🙂

— DC B, Ventura

This has been my favorite yoga studio for 8 years!
I love it here, great teachers, welcoming and friendly community!

— Jenn P, Santa Barbara

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