Luca Cupery

Happy Hour Yoga / Monday & Friday 5:15pm

I teach with sincerity, curiosity, and devotion to each body’s experience and to that intelligent, mysterious thing that animates everything. I draw inspiration from the natural world, Chinese medicine theory, creative movement, music, stillness, my work with Prem Baba’s Path of the Heart, and most recently am really fired up about the changes and transformation I have experienced with Bob Cooley’s Resistence Flexibility and Strength Training. I also like to make special beverages and enjoy sharing little cups of wonder, healing, and beauty provided and inspired by the plant world.

What’s most important to me is that my class is a place you can come check in with what’s beneath the surface, with what’s most important, and be with yourself in whatever state or shape you are in. I’m excited about supporting your process of unpacking and releasing what you don’t need to carry, and slowing down enough to listen to and honor your body’s natural intelligence and heart’s wisdom.