Candice Davantzis

Yoga Flow / Mon, Fri 3:30pm, Sat 4:30pm

Candice was born and raised in California. She got her degree in Religious Studies at UCSB in 2008. Since then, she has considered Santa Barbara her forever home, thanks to the fine weather, kind individuals, and close access to nature. She enjoys hiking with friends, bikes, Farmer’s Market, coffee, the beach, and well-timed funny quips. She lives with her cat, Margaret, and her boyfriend, Kyle. She is also the manager for the online store of the much-loved yoga boutique, Drishti.
Candice’s classes are accessible to all levels of movement enthusiast. She loves empowering beginning level students to dive in to group classes. She also enjoys guiding more practiced students to move with precision, function, and grace. Her classes are safe, strong, mindful, creative, and above all, fun!