Linda Baffa

Linda Baffa

Hi!  I’m Linda.  In a world of labels, I can be defined as the following: a singer, a mama, a soul seeker, and, of course, a yoga teacher. My classes are nurturing and challenging, accessible and empowering, silly and completely serious. I absolutely LOVE music and aim to curate my yoga classes with the arch of a thoughtful, moving, and inspiring playlist.  As an accomplished singer, you might also find me chanting a sweet lullaby in savanna, and, as an unaccomplished dancer, you might find me offering a dance party.

I have been practicing and teaching all kinds of yoga and meditation for over 25 years; I have approximately a bazillion hours of training, and I have numerous certifications which aren’t that interesting to list off, but feel free to ask me.  Just know, I have taught many people and many celebrities.  I have not written any books, though I can tell you that they are in my head ready to go, and they most certainly will be best sellers.  I’m a big fan of releasing the ego and none of this actually matters. I’m here to hold space… for YOU. 

My side-hustles: I am the co-founder of The Inspired Being, a wellness brand that supports humans toward being the best versions of themselves through 1:1 mentorship, intimate workshops, and soulful retreat experiences.  I also offer Reiki as a master level Reiki practitioner, as well as Astrology readings since receiving my psychological astrology certification with Jennifer Freed in 2020. I occasionally dog-sit. 

Lastly, and most importantly, it is my greatest joy (and most spiritual effort) to be the mother of two fascinating young humans. As a perpetual student of life, I have learned that children are the most profound teachers in this world, reminding us to play, laugh, feel, be present, and not take our beautiful, miraculous lives so seriously.

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