Cristy Candler

Cristy Candler

Cristy Candler is certified with White Lotus, Laughing Lotus, The Jivamukti Yoga School, and most recently in Therapeutic Yoga. She has studied extensively with renowned teachers such as, Sharon Gannon and David Life, Dana Flynn, and Jules Febre.  Yoga philosophy, anatomy and kinesiology, as well as Tibetan Buddhism (studied in NYC under Kimberly Theresa and Kelly Morris) have all influenced Cristy’s ongoing practice and teaching.

Having been a professional performer on Broadway for over thirteen years, Cristy enjoys incorporating a well thought out sequential theme, musical playlists that support said theme, strong hands on assists, essential oils, and a bit of humor to co-create an experience of unity and connection.

Cristy teaches privately with attention and focus to the individual’s health, proper alignment and sensitivity to one’s needs for optimal healing and wellbeing.

Cristy believes we are all perfect and whole already. There is nothing wrong with us. Yoga is simply a means to removing the obstacles in our way that may be blocking us from higher states of consciousness.  Through the practices of Yoga, may we find more connection, greater expansion and a return to our natural state~Joy!

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