Suzanne Marlow

Suzanne Marlow

Interpersonal Meditation, Insight Yoga, Self-care for Teachers

Assisting clients and students through personal healing and self discovery is Suzanne Marlow’s passion and purpose in life. Her trained specialties, including clinical psychology, Insight Yoga, and meditation, form a powerful triad of healing modalities that are blended and incorporated into her work.

Suzanne’s influences have been many over her 28-year practice. In yoga, Suzanne’s first, and primary teacher is Sarah Powers. She has also studied with Erich Schiffmann, Scott Blossom, and Cheri Clampett. Suzanne’s chief interest lies in the profound ability of the heart, mind, and body to transform through a regular, mindful-based practice. This interest is greatly influenced by the Buddhist tradition, which provides a means for understanding psychology through a spiritual practice. Her main influences in the study of Buddhism have been Thanissara and Kittisaro (Theravada Buddhism), and Gregory Kramer (Insight Dialogue).

Suzanne is a senior teacher at Yoga Soup and has a private practice as a Marriage and Family Therapist in downtown Santa Barbara. Currently, Suzanne is finishing her Level 1 training in Internal Family Systems, a modality in the practices of therapy which illuminates the use of spirit with embodied presence to heal the psyche.

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