Mitsuko McGavock

Mitsuko McGavock

Greetings! I’m Mitsuko, your guide to holistic well-being through yoga, sound healing, and Reiki. With over a decade of experience, I’ve immersed myself in the transformative practices of Kundalini Yoga and sound healing with my beloved gongs. Recently, I’ve expanded my expertise to include Vinyasa Flow, Prenatal Yoga, Restorative Yoga with sound, and Reiki Mastery.

My journey with yoga has been transformative, guiding me toward deep self-inquiry and inner growth. As a perpetual student, I approach each class with authenticity and care, creating a nurturing environment for self-exploration and healing.

In my sessions, I blend the healing energy of Reiki with the soothing vibrations of sound, inviting students to reconnect with body, mind, and spirit. Whether it’s a dynamic Vinyasa Flow or a restorative session, each offering is an opportunity for profound transformation.

Beyond teaching, I find joy in spending time with my awe-inspiring five children, surfing, connecting with cherished friends, immersing myself in nature’s beauty, and dancing with my professional dance troupe. These experiences enrich my teaching with playfulness, spontaneity, and joy.

While I may experience moments of insecurity, I embrace them as opportunities for growth and learning. If you’re on a journey of self-discovery, transformation, and enjoy all the dynamic moments of life, I invite you to join me as we navigate the shifting currents of the Aquarian Age together.

Many Blessings!

Professional Trainings and Certifications:

Kundalini Yoga:

  • Level 1 (220 hr KRI) 2011
  • Level 2 (5 modules – 300 hr KRI) 2020
  • Gong Yoga Nidra Practitioner with Mehtab Benton 2019
  • Vinyasa Flow (200 hr YTT) 2021
  • Prenatal Yoga (85 hr PYTT) 2021
  • Reiki Master 2023

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