Mitsuko Newlan

Mitsuko Newlan

Mitsuko Conner Newlan is a KRI certified Kundalini Yoga Instructor. She has been teaching since 2011. The personal growth that she has experienced through her daily practice is what motivates and inspires her to share this amazing spiritual practice with others.

The students in her class gain a deeper connection and awareness of themselves physically, spiritually and emotionally.

This multi-talented lady harnesses her hands-on and intuitive approach in class to guide the students into becoming aware of themselves personally and socially. She creates a layered musical environment with verbal guidance to support the student in building their personal awareness.

When she not teaching she enjoys being with her family and friends and creating a wide array DIY projects from food, clothes, toys, furniture, etc.

Live your life as an expression of your soul’s purpose and inspire others by your example to do the same.

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