Kelly Heath

Kelly Heath

I remember my very first savasana in 1999 as a deep aaahhhh moment. Clarity in my mind, ease in my body, and a sense of connection in my spirit. Looking back now, I can easily see how my life was redirected. 

Since then, I have been a devout yoga practitioner. In 2002, I graduated from my first (of a dozen or so) yoga teacher training in Denver, and followed the river of my life through some key milestones including: assisting Master Teacher Baron Baptiste, settling down with my husband and opening ‘Mountain Lotus’ Yoga studio in Vail, CO where we also had our first baby boy (who is now 15), presenting at the Estes Park Yoga Journal Conference, working as an OG Lululemon & Manduka ambassador, moving to Santa Barbara 15 years ago and having our second baby boy here (who is now 11), teaching at a few different studios an assortment of styles of yoga as my understanding of yoga evolved, and seeking extensive yogic study, mentorship and depth to support my passion, soul and teaching (to the tune of 20,000+ Yoga Alliance hours or 500ERYTX4), one of the most influential of which has been my study and mentorship with my teachers Janet Stone and Deepak Chopra.  

As a teacher off and on at YogaSoup since 2010, what I love to offer today is some combination of Heart Centered Intention, Pranayama, Mythology & Mantra, Vinyasa Yoga, Restorative Yoga, & Energetic Alignment. I love to include humility, something to bite our teeth into physically, yogic mythology, my harmonium, Ayurveda & Meditation, a great-chill-the-F-out playlist, Smiles & Tears, audible exhales, sweat and pause.

Outside of class, besides being a mom to my 2 boys, I am a certified Health and Wellness Coach to many, offer more than 200 HD on-demand yoga classes, and also teach Meditation Trainings, and hold retreats and workshops. More at

I am grateful to meet you on the mat, on the cushion, in the breath or over a bowl of soup. 

Lokah Samastah Sukinho Bhavantu