Kaita’s Letter to the Soup Community

Dear Friends,

Years ago, after I took my very first class at Yoga Soup, I stood outside on the sidewalk and sobbed. I couldn’t tell you why. The class had touched on a place in me without words. Cracked my heart open. I never dreamed I’d be a worthy teacher for such a powerful place.

And yet, Yoga Soup gave me a chance. Lots of chances. It was here that I learned to teach.

It blows my mind to realize that I have seen many of you nearly weekly–sometimes more–for OVER A DECADE. With a full heart, I reflect back on milestones we shared, lives lived (and some lost), awestruck by your beautiful movement, and our adventures on the mat.

How many breaths did we take? How many stories did we hear? How many sweet potatoes did we eat?

Yoga Soup was one of the first places in town that felt like a new home, a safe place to find my voice as a teacher. In this studio, I’ve tried on many personas, met countless inspiring and humbling mentors, sought tender words to share in hard times. This neutral container, this loving space, helped me claim a courage to show up with my process and let it unfold with my students, however imperfect.

This is what it means to me, to teach at Yoga Soup.

I am always learning to trust that you and I will meet in the moments that we are ready to share, and that is where we learn. That’s where the magic happens for me. That’s where the nourishment is. That’s the Soup. I couldn’t do it without you.

Eddie and Luca have created a space like no other—one that loves its teachers and understands the truth of impermanence—its pain and its beauty. As I reckon with the turn of this page, I can feel even more how precious it is to me.

And if you’re wondering why I’m leaving, my family and I are moving to Austin, TX. It’s no Santa Barbara, that’s for sure, but we are curious and excited to explore new terrain, and to apply the lessons we’ve learned in a new environment.

When I told Eddie the news, he summed it up perfectly:




One silver lining of 2020 was realizing that we can do things differently. It’s not the same, but it’s something. So I would like to continue teaching a virtual class for Yoga Soup. Please let me know if this is of interest to you. I also hope to return to Santa Barbara periodically to teach workshops or weekend events, so if you’d like to stay in touch, again, please let me know.

I am teaching in the studio through the month of July, my last class is Tuesday, July 27. I sure hope to see you, and maybe share a moment with you.

Truly, I will miss you, and words cannot express the depth of my gratitude.

With love,


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