How To Access Our Pre-recorded Class Library

Join us for a pre-recorded class at any time using your desktop or hand-held device. 

We have an ever-growing library of pre-recorded classes available to you as a member or for single purchase. 

**IMPORTANT: if you are using your hand-held device, please use an internet browser (i.e. Chrome, Safari, Firefox) and NOT the MindBody app as the pre-recorded classes can ONLY BE ACCESSED from an internet browser**

Click this link & log-in using your Yoga Soup credentials (if you’re unsure about this see options below)

  1. If you are already a student, enter your email and password specific to Yoga Soup.
  2. If you have not used our website before please create an account.
  3. If you don’t know or simply cannot remember your password, select “forgot password” and MindBody will walk you through resetting.
  4. If you are a new student, follow the on screen instructions to create your account.

Now that you are logged in, find and click on the “Pre-recorded Classes” tab across the top of the screen.

This will bring you to the “Media” page that has a list of our available classes.

Click on the class name that interests you.

Be sure the pop-ups setting on your browser is not enabled or your will not be able to view the class. 

  • On Chrome:  If Chrome has blocked a pop-up a little alert will show up at the right side of the address/search bar.  Click on it and select to allow popups for this site.
  • To allow completely on Chrome go to your menu bar and click on “Chrome” > select preferences >  Settings   >  Privacy and security   >  Site settings  >  Click Pop-ups and redirects  >  Set to Allow pop-ups.
  • Safari: Coming soon! We are still working on getting information on Safari and recommend using Chrome if you can. 

Click on that same class again (dig deep? for patience as MindBody is not as intuitive as we would like it to be)

This will redirect you to Vimeo via a new window.

Press the “play” button to start the video.

You made it! The hardest part is over. Drop in and let your breath lead the rest of the way!