Erica Blitz

Erica Blitz

I believe in the power to move + be moved, to live simple + love big, to spark inspiration on the inside + shine the light on the outside.

With intention, integrity and inspiration, my offerings are grounded in a supportive and inviting space for everybody to experience the benefits of yoga and meditation. Together with a focus on the breath and physical alignment, I weave a balance of structure and fluidity into mindful movements to grow your practice, open your heart, still your mind + deepen your connection to your interior life – which will undoubtedly influence your outer life.

I am passionate about body mechanics and creating a sustainable and enriching practice for everyone. Moving from pose to pose and breath by breath, my classes reflect a balance between structure and fluidity, strength and flexibility, support and surrender, stillness and motion, limits and liberty, fear and trust, holding on and letting go, stability and freedom.

My approach to yoga is steeped in an intensive background of yogic studies, health sciences and healing arts. My most influential teachers include Noah Maze, Chris Chavez and T.K.V. Desikachar— all of whom illuminate the physical, mental, spiritual and heartfelt benefits of practicing and teaching yoga.

Originally from Canada, I worked as a Yoga Studio Director and then as a Director of Learning and Development leading, facilitating and organizing workshops, trainings and retreats. Additionally, I teamed up with Namaste TV in Canada to write, design and narrate Season 3 and Season 4 of Namaste Yoga, the world’s premier instructional yoga series.

I have been leading yoga teacher trainings around the world since 2006 and believe that health and happiness in life are wonderful results of yoga, but that its ultimate purpose is to awaken us to our highest potential as human beings, and I passionately share this powerful practice from my heart to yours.