Studio Reopening Updates


Greetings Dear Friends,

We’ve had a version of the update below included in our newsletter for a few weeks. We keep changing it slightly as we adjust in a way that we feel honors what’s happening locally.

Based on the recent uptick in Covid cases, the City of Santa Barbara is mandating that masks get worn indoors whether vaccinated or not.

We will honor the city’s guidelines and encourage mask use at all times inside. When in the shop please keep your mask on. While you are on your mat practicing in one of our ventilated and filtered studios, we highly encourage you to wear your mask. If you are showing any respiratory symptoms please practice with us online. We are limiting our class sizes to facilitate social distancing so please sign up in advance.

We are also gearing up to have selected classes that will be for vaccinated students only. Watch for updates on this in the coming weeks.

We are watching the local guidance closely and will continue to send you updates as we navigate this new wave of local cases.

We pray that this will be but a brief pause in our return back to regular studio life.

Thanks for your continued support.

We are grateful to offer what we do to this community.


Santa Barbara county lifted capacity restrictions and our in person classes currently have a capacity of 20. We ask that you wear your mask in the shop but feel free to practice with out wearing one. Please join us in the studio!


Hi Everyone,

As the county case count lowers we are moving ever closer to having in-studio classes. ♡

Yesterday we moved into the orange tier and some classes will start in-studio this Sunday, 4/25!

We’re finalizing our schedule now. You’ll be able to see which classes are live on our schedule as we update it. (Look for the little symbol that looks like two people underneath the class name.) Many of our in-studio classes will be simultaneously streamed so folks at home can keep practicing with us online. The camera that captures the class to stream it will be directed at the teacher only and won’t include any students in the room. Some of our Zoom classes will remain as they are.

As Yoga Soup reopens, you’ll find we’ve made some changes to create a clear and safe space. We have put together a set of protocols that are in accordance with the county, state, and CDC guidelines for reducing the spread of COVID19. We ask that you please read and follow these guidelines to keep our community safe and healthy.

We’ll have limited in-studio class sizes. This makes it important for you to sign up for class in advance. If you can’t make class, please cancel at least four hours prior so we can give your space to someone else. Mat spaces will be marked for ample distancing.

• Once we move into the orange tier you can choose whether you want to wear a mask in class– but it won’t be mandatory. Elsewhere in the studio, masks will be required.

• By showing up for an in-studio class, you are self-certifying that you’re not experiencing any symptoms for COVID19 (fever, cough, flu-like symptoms). If you are feeling unwell, please stay home and cancel your reservation. You can always catch a class online.

• Each studio now has two deluxe Alen BreatheSmart 75i True HEPA Air Purifiers. These purifiers are made for big open spaces and have medical-grade filtration that “captures up to 99.99% of allergens, dust, pollutants, bacteria, aerosolized viruses, and other harmful particles down to 0.1 microns.” There are also other air filters throughout the lobby area and in the main bathroom.

•  We’ve upgraded our studio cleaning protocol and will be cleaning all high touch areas of the studio between classes.

• There are bottles of our house-made hand-sanitizing mist placed throughout the practice room, the lobby area and the bathrooms for you to use.

•  We’re not providing shared blankets or mats at this time. Please bring your own. We do have mats and props for sale at the studio. Members may store their mats here, too.

We’d love to hear from you as we take this big step forward. Please reach out if you have questions, comments about classes or requests. We’ll be in touch more soon and look forward to having you back in the space when you feel it’s right.

Sending love,

  Eddie, Luca & your friends at Yoga Soup. 

April 5, 2021

Hi Everyone,

Can you feel the shift? We do.

We’re quite ready to resume doing what we love to do —

host classes, events, trainings, concerts, greet friends, put out food, dust off the couches

and have you over for a breath to breathe and a bite to eat.

One of the singular delights of our lives has been taking yoga class with other people.

The unspoken support, the shared movement, the resonance of breath and realization of our commonalities.

Life affirming, life changing.

We know returning to “normal” will take some time.

We want to let you know what you’ll find when you’re ready to practice again at Yoga Soup.


Although the red tier allows us to have small classes indoors,

after consulting with our teachers we’ve decided  to wait until have Santa Barbara enters the orange tier–

in order not to require teachers or students to wear masks.

Hopefully, this won’t be for much longer and if the red tier stretches far into April we will start offering “masked” classes.

Once we officially reopen in the orange tier you can choose whether you want to wear a mask in class– but it won’t be mandatory.

Elsewhere in the studio, masks will be required.


Our thinking: There’s been so much information and disinformation, agreement and disagreement around the virus and vaccines, around what’s safe and what’s not, we want to leave it up to each individual to make the decision they’re comfortable with.

Our responsibility, before, during and post-pandemic is to assure our environment is safe, user-friendly and nervous system restorative.

We are truly looking forward to having classes with some resemblance of what we were used to hosting over a year ago. And we’re choosing to open up in a way that feels socially responsible and allows people to make decisions they’re comfortable with.

We hope to begin serving sweet potatoes on Sundays and Organic Soup Kitchen during the week, starting in May.

More details to come on our grand re-opening.


Thank you for all the support to keep us going through this time. We are all grateful to still be here and look forward to serving Yoga Soup to our wonderful community.

Love and Blessings,

Eddie, Luca and your friends at Yoga Soup

More reopening updates will be shared here, on our newsletter and on Instagram.