Meet Your Voice – Sing to express, not to impress

Meet Your Voice – Sing to express, not to impress

With Britta GreenViolet
Sunday, September 27
4:30-6pm PT
$10-$20 sliding scale

Cultivate healing, confidence & connection through song!

Make a cup of tea and join Britta GreenViolet virtually for an exploration into the transformative power of your own singing voice.

Whether you consider yourself a singer or not, this juicy, joy-inducing workshop will…
show you how befriending your voice can help you heal emotionally, mentally and physically (making you a happier, healthier human, from the inside out)

reveal how singing can seriously up-level your confidence and creativity (even if you think you’re a bad singer)

introduce 2 simple exercises to ease you into the foundations of singing and to start to approach your voice with delight and curiosity (in a friendly, non-judgmental environment

And because I know we’ve all spent a lot of time on Zoom lately…
rest assured we’ll be moving, chanting, breathing, writing, and of course singing!

This will be a fun, interactive experience… please plan to have your video on so we can all see one another 🙂

To a life of harmony,

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