Greta Krieger

Greta Krieger

Greta Krieger is dedicated to inspiring the new generation of yogis. Her class is a guided adventure that connects together the energies of the heart and the body.

Greta believes that kids learn best while having fun. She introduces yoga in a creative and imaginative format that resonates with their youthful energy.

Her students learn to be more self-aware, peaceful and resilient. Through the practice of breath, movement, and song, they acquire life skills that become daily habits. Her class provides a space for children to explore and express their true nature.

Greta is a graduate of the Loyola Marymount University Healing Science and Yoga Teaching Program. She currently teaches at the Carpinteria Boys and Girls Club, as well as the local elementary schools. Raised in a family of 15 and with two children of her own, she finds great joy in the spontaneity of connection.

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