Chloe Conger

Chloe Conger

Chloe’s father introduced her to Yoga when she was 16. Four years later, they trained together as teachers at The White Lotus Foundation in Santa Barbara. She has picked up all sorts of techniques from myriad other teachers on the way, and has taught at Yoga Soup in Santa Barbara, UCSB, Aspen, Snowmass, Venice (CA), Thailand and Bali.

A student of Meditation for 13 years, mainly in the Theravada tradition of Vipassana (Insight Meditation) via Spirit Rock, and Somatic Meditation, she wishes to share practices that have helped her relax, breathe into the scary places and appreciate things just as they are. In 2013 she did her first month-long silent retreat, and Byron Katie’s School for the Work.

She found her deepest calling getting out of her head, and deeply absorbed into the easeful, ecstatic, moving meditation of Qigong. She trained to teach Radiant Heart Qigong with Teja Bell.

She is a member of the Teacher’s Council of Roaring Fork Insight. She has studied with the Hendricks Institute, and trained to teach The Embodied Present Process teacher training with Philip Shepherd.

More than dogma or poses, she is interested in stopping the struggle, and being free, open hearted- love in action. To this end, she draws from many teachers and traditions in addition to Buddhism, including non-dualism, mystic poets, Byron Katie, integral meditation, transpersonal psychology and anyone who can see through the belief in the separate self and have a good laugh.

Back in the day she studied Anthropology and Drama at Stanford where she earned her BA and MA. She sang in the Psychedelic Afro-Latin Pop band, The Silver Pesos. She lives with her partner, David, in Santa Barbara, where she teaches at Yoga Soup and the Santa Barbara Tennis Club. She travels often to Aspen, CO and offers teachings through Roaring Fork Insight at The Aspen Chapel.

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