Yoga For Strength – A Black Lives Matter fundraiser

Yoga For Strength – A Black Lives Matter fundraiser

A live stream donation-based class to benefit Black Lives Matter

Sunday, July 12th, 12-1pm with Hattie Bluestone

This monthly event is an opportunity for the Yoga Soup community to come together in support of racial justice and equality. All proceeds from this donation-based class go directly to non-profit organizations that support Black communities, both locally and nationally

This class was created in response to the murders of George Floyd and many others, and our belated recognition that Santa Barbra and Yoga Soup can and must do more to help create a world free from racial violence and oppression. At Yoga Soup, we aspire to contribute not only to the personal healing of those in our community, but also to the collective healing of our world.

This month’s fundraiser taught by Hattie Bluestone is an all-levels, yoga-inspired class that moves efficiently through elements of yoga, pilates, and strength training (with optional hand weights) to create a thorough and satisfying full-body workout. An empowering experience that builds strength, stability, and resilience in the upper body, lower body, and core.

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More info about Black Lives Matter, a Global Network that builds power to bring justice, healing, and freedom to Black people across the globe:

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