200 + Hour Teacher Training


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April 7-July 3, 2021

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Our Yoga Alliance-accredited online training is a rich study of yoga philosophy and practice.

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Tuition: $1900 early bird pricing until March 15th • after March 15: $2400 • Payment plans available.

Please contact luca@yogasoup.com for more information or to inquire about our scholarships.

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“I found the content accessible, deep, clear and I feel like I’ve learned and grown significantly both as a yoga teacher and as a human being.” R. L.

“(This training) was a rich mix of practice and lecture, which included a tremendous assortment of both physical and energetic yoga…business, and a lot of fun.” S. C.

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Because of the difficulty we face meeting in groups during this time, we have creatively redesigned our program to be able to complete our intensive training online. We will use Zoom and pre-made recordings to share the same rich teachings we would offer you in our regular, in-person training.

Thirteen weeks provides time to unpack both the foundations and more subtle aspects of the practice.

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Meet Your Teachers

With contributions from a diversity of well-seasoned teachers, we offer many methods and perspectives on how to deepen your understanding of Self and develop as a teacher.

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Please contact luca@yogasoup.com for more information or to inquire about our scholarships.

There is a vastness to Being that most of us have not been incentivized to explore. We instead have been trained to acquire things in order to feel alive. Every day we’re reminded of the transitory nature of things and the suffering that comes from attaching our identity to items and ideas about ourselves that come and go. A yoga practice’s primary function is to liberate us from false ideas casting illusionary shadows we live in constant fear of. Let’s explore.

We’ll offer:

  • The fundamentals of leading an in-depth and balanced yoga practice.
  • How to instruct and offer basic hands-on and hands-off adjustments.
  • Subtle nuances of sequencing movements, music, talking points and poses.
  • Input from a traditional and eclectic variety of veteran teachers offering their insight, wisdom and experience.
  • The difference between a self-centered class and a class centered on Self.
  • Basic anatomy: How the body functions best, what roadblocks it confronts and a variety of tools to meet these roadblocks.
  • Introduction to Yoga philosophy and psychology in it’s “original” form and via it’s many interpretations over the millennia.

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More Testimonials:

“I practice yoga with a deeper listening to my body than I did before. The training taught me that to practice yoga it is necessary to really listen inward so that we don’t injure ourselves or push past our limits too much, and also to move through emotional and spiritual territory that is important to the whole of the practice. The fact that our skeletons are all different, our spirits are all unique, means that our practice can be what we need, not what we think it should look like. Also, learning more about the philosophy of yoga, the yamas and niyamas, and all of the wisdom our teachers had to share was completely life changing. It helped to deepen my practice of yoga not only on the mat, but also in all things I do.”
   ~ Katelyn B. Class of 2020

“The Yoga Soup training was the most impactful training I’ve done. The instructors are experts, the content made me want to never stop learning and my personal practice has grown immensely. I look forward to getting on my mat everyday with this new knowledge!! Thank you Luca, Cynthia, Kendall, Eddie and others!!!”
   ~ Mycah K, Class of 2020

“I appreciated each teacher’s particular engagement with the philosophical material, the principles of alignment, and the principles of teaching yoga. The sessions on subtle body (the bandhas and the chakras) really validated some watershed experiences I have had in the practice, experiences I had previously thought were a little nutty, to say the least – these sessions in particular aroused a deep appreciation, a kind of reverence, for the vast alchemy of resources for self-healing and self-transformation the yoga practice provides. Yet, at the same time, there are powerful feelings, forces, and traumas that can be plumbed in a pose or in a breath, which can be very destabilizing for the practitioner who is not looking to encounter them.
I have learned to slow down, to listen closely to my body’s messages for me to move in ways that are honest, that play my edge, but that are sensitive, sensual, and consensual (i.e. not just based on what some of my thoughts say “is good for me”). Overall I feel that I have a great foundation of knowledge, an excellent pool of resources that will last me years, and a solid level of confidence in bringing what I can to my teaching: what is true for me in my own practice; impactful lessons from my teachers and the foundational texts; a beginner’s mind; a readiness to acknowledge my own ignorance; and a primary concern for the responsibility of holding space for students to discover their own unique lessons and insights within themselves.
In terms of the experience in practice teaching gained from the teacher training, the practicum weekends and the final evaluation exercise were very helpful, particularly the feedback I received from my peers and the teacher trainers!”
   ~ Emily C. 2019