Yes, You Can Heal!

Yes, You Can Heal!

with Yemaya Renuka Duby
Saturday, June 29 / 2-4 pm

Yemaya comes back, this time inviting us into the creative realm of the Third Chakra/ Solar Plexus.

This experiential time together will include our exploration of the Fire element, the Power of Anger in the healing journey and its place in the re-creation of a life full of inspiration and purpose.

We will move with breath, using Pranayamas, Yoga, Freedom Dances and Qi Gong.

Participants will receive tips to either awaken the power of their solar plexus, or to monitor its expression with trust and gusto.

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Yemaya Renuka Duby is on a journey to facilitate and educate the world on the Power of Healing after trauma and childhood adversity.
Based on 3 decades of studies and practice in psychosomatic healing work, devotion to traditional Eastern and Western Spiritual practice, and her own personal journey of recovery while being the creatress of 2 small healing centers ( Marin County and Kauai ) and an at-risk-youth organization, she just gave birth to The Embrace this year in Santa Barbara.

The Embrace offers live and online programs and classes, empowering entrepreneurs and young leaders to fulfill their purpose as Earth guardians without the weight of past trauma.

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