Writing Between the Lines

Writing Between the Lines

with Jenny Boyar, Ph.D.
Sunday, September 22 / 2-3:30 PM
$25 in advance / $30 day-of

This workshop is for anybody looking to practice writing — in any capacity and toward any conceivable (or inconceivable) end. Guided exercises, as well as work from writers throughout history, will serve as our foundation; however, the primary purpose is to provide a supportive space to explore the potential of our words and ourselves. Rather than pursuing writing for a polished product, we will be navigating the less linear — but equally rewarding — process.

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Jenny Boyar received her PhD in English from the University of Rochester, where she specialized in medieval and early modern literature, with an emphasis on poetry and memory studies. She has been a Fulbright recipient and her work has appeared in a variety of publications; additionally, she has served as a reviewer for Publishers Weekly. Much of her teaching has explored writing at the intersection of literature and medicine, and she has led workshops and courses across a range of health and educational contexts. She currently puts her interests to practice as a Medical Writer, where she works in brain therapies.

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