Wisdom Weavers: An Embodiment Journey For Women

Wisdom Weavers: An Embodiment Journey For Women

with Lamara Heartwell
Saturday, May 26 / 2:30 – 7:30pm
$65 in advance / $75 day-of

When we join forces as women, it is much easier, more effective, and a lot more fun to strengthen and grow our capacity to embody our feminine nature: wild, wise, fierce, loving and free.

This will be an opportunity to co-create a nurturing space where together we will shed old ways of being in our bodies and claim the truth we are ready to step into.

There will be various movement based/ body-centered practices to support you in coming home to yourself, resting into your body, and grounding into your essence.

This offering is the beginning of a movement for women called: Wise Women Unite!

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