WHOLEHEARTED: A Community Singing Workshop for All

WHOLEHEARTED: A Community Singing Workshop for All

with Lisa G. Littlebird
Friday, October 12 / 7-8:30 PM

Lisa G. Littlebird is a song leader from the heart!
She leads in call and response style with an accessible, easy grace and infectious joy that will rekindle your love of singing. Weaving vocal invitations, body movement, improvisation and a repertoire of more than 400 oral-tradition songs, she invites singers to expand and delight in the full potential of their voices. Her style is shaped by more than 25 years of vocal training and rooted in compassionate awareness practices.

These workshops are designed for people of all ages and abilities. You don’t need to be able to read music, or even think you can sing. Come for an evening of play and connection and leave feeling uplifted and alive.

Learn more about Lisa at www.thebirdsings.com

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