Touch from the Heart: One Day Introduction to Esalen Massage to Support Caring for Clients/Friends/Partners

Touch from the Heart: One Day Introduction to Esalen Massage to Support Caring for Clients/Friends/Partners

with Lori Lewis
Sunday, February 16/ 1-5pm


In this afternoon workshop, we will learn basic massage skills that can be used to express our care to our clients/friends/partners on this weekend of celebration of all things related to the heart.

Esalen® massage is a type of Swedish massage that is taught and trademarked by the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California. The Swedish massage modality was combined with energy work for a massage designed to treat the mind, body and the soul of the client together. While it is beneficial for physical health, the goal of the massage therapist is also to support and promote the internal wisdom and healer of the client, resulting in a sense of psychological harmony and balance.

Many of the early Esalen therapists who worked together to develop Esalen® massage did so in tandem with their other extensive trainings in Rolfing, deep tissue, and Eastern massage practices such as energy work, Shiatsu and Thai. The Esalen Institute was founded as a retreat and workshop space in 1962 to explore a variety of topics. It continues to offer workshops in a wide variety of fields, including psychology, Eastern medicine, environmental theory, activism, outreach, economics, peace studies, the arts, and religion.

Esalen is often linked with “new age” ideas due to the holistic approach of the institute, and the large number of offerings related to new age concepts. The retreat covers 120 acres of land which includes cultivated gardens, wild forests, ocean, and natural hot springs. Retreats there attract individuals from all over the world who are interested in exploring alternative and enlightened modes of living and healing.

To register, click here. Space is limited to 20 students.


Lori Lewis is certified by the Esalen Massage and Bodywork Association as a 500-hour massage practitioner, and is an authorized Deep Bodywork Teacher. She lives in Santa Barbara where she is also a hospice volunteer, using bodywork as palliative care.

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