The Yoga of Investing

The Yoga of Investing

with Tim Thomas
Thursday, November 10 / 7-9 pm

Cost: Aligning with the process of bringing mindfulness to money, students will determine what they’d like to pay upon completion of the class.

The Gita, Sutras and many other contemplative texts have shown us the road map to successful and sustainable investment.

We will tap into that advice and explore how we can use it to our advantage in the seemingly complex world of investment and money, while deepening our own well-being and preserving the environment.

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Tim has 25 years in the financial service industry under his belt, starting on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange. Combining this experience with his study of yoga, human psychology and other contemplative practices has revealed how we can all have access to transparent, sustainable, yet profitable investment options; options that are comprehensive, ethical and inexpensive. He works with people to find and execute their best investment.

Check out his website, followyourmoney

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