Abhyanga : The Sacred Ritual of Self-Massage for Women

Abhyanga : The Sacred Ritual of Self-Massage for Women

with Valentina Mugnaini
Sunday, July 7 / 2-4:30 pm
$30 in advance / $40 day of

What would you do with it, if you could keep your body forever young?

Abhyanga is an Ayurvedic self-massage technique that empowers us to use our own hands open gateways to our healing. In the tradition of Ayurveda, abhyanga has been considered a sacred ritual that reconnects personal consciousness with the whole body through touch. This practice can help us to gently unwind suppressed emotions, physical pains, and fearful thinking while awakening a greater sense of self love, inner peace, and confidence. This practice also has many physical benefits from increasing circulation and lymph flow to strengthening the immune system.

In this afternoon we will empower each other and learn to see our bodies as the temples of joy, peace and beauty that they are.

This workshop is limited to female identified persons.

Space is limited! Register here.

“This is a healing process of self-love that exposes the roots of painful habits so there is room for the flow of Love to be poured in. From here, the soil of our beings can be healed and new flowers can blossom through our wholeness.” – Valentina







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