The Practice of Being Well

The Practice of Being Well

A series with Jay Fields and Dave Mochel
Sundays, Oct 16, 23, 30 & Nov 6 / 4-7pm

$200 for the entire 4-part series

The cornerstone of well-being is being able to make and act on decisions based on what matters to you most. In the Practice of Being Well, you will learn the skill of Awareness-Based Self-Regulation. ABSR is a research-based, time-tested and comprehensive approach to cultivating the presence and resilience you need to be your whole self in a life that has meaning, joy and purpose.

This series brings together the best practices from yoga and mindfulness in a way that is highly experiential and interactive. Backed by current research in neuroscience, our time together will emphasize skill-building and practices that you can take with you into your daily life.

Topics addressed include:
The Power of Awareness–Conditioning and Choice
The Power of Practice–Neuroplasticity and Internal Locus of Control
Embodied Awareness–Finding Balance
Working with Discomfort and Triggers–Separating Stories and Events; Stress, Anxiety, Procrastination and Indulgence
The Benefits of Positive Emotion–Cultivating Compassion, Gratitude and Curiosity
The Benefits of Connecting to Purpose–Identifying What is Most Important
Identifying What is Under Your Control–Spinning, Taking Action and Letting Go
Relationships–Being Receptive and Assertive, Having Uncomfortable Conversations

Creating Change–Maintaining Practice

Limited to 20 participants.
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Jay Fields has been a transformational educator for 18 years and is the author of the books Teaching People, Not Poses and Home in Your Body. An expert on Awareness-Based Self-Regulation, her approach to helping people be their whole self is grounded, gritty, playful and intelligent. She works with people all over the world through her somatic mentoring private practice and trainings, and is on the faculty for the Awakened Heart Embodied Mind Training in Santa Monica, California. When not working with clients or facilitating, you can find Jay riding her motorcycle in the mountains around Ojai, California where she lives.
Dave Mochel has been teaching the principles and practices of self-mastery and healthy culture to individuals and organizations for more than 25 years. His approach is based in modern neuroscience and enduring wisdom. Dave received his BA from Wiliams College, his Masters in humanistic education from SUNY New Paltz and he has completed a clinical internship in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center. Dave works all over the world with executives, athletes, parents, teachers and teens.

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