The Power of Knowing Your Personality

The Power of Knowing Your Personality

with Crystal Stokes, MA
Saturday, January 27 / 2:30-3:30pm

The #1 secret to less body-sabotage, great communication, and heightened self-awareness is knowing your personality!

You have likely taken some sort of personality tests before, which are fun and entertaining but rarely provide actionable advice for change.

They often put you in a “box” rather than helping you get out of your box…

In her practice, Crystal applies a Stanford-developed system that truly changes the lives of all her clients.
Her clients discover strengths, weaknesses, motivations and blind spots that directly impact the daily decisions they make at their work, with their partners, friends, and family.

Through knowing their personality traits and tendencies her clients are empowered to “grow out of their box”. They communicate better, reduce body-sabotaging behaviors, and have more compassion for others since they also understand the personality traits of others.

Come join us for this entertaining and transformational workshop with Crystal.

After registration please take the following personality assessment before the event:

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Crystal synthesizes Eastern and Western elements from psychology, functional fitness, holistic nutrition, Eastern health and philosophy, wildlife conservation, and mindfulness to catalyze breakthroughs in redefining freedom. These methods stem from her Master’s in Counseling Psychology, Bachelor’s in Wildlife Biology and Conservation, and 15+ years experience as an ACE Certified Medical Exercise and Holistic Nutrition Specialist. Crystal unleashes freedom in clients around the world via her online programs, talks, workshops, retreats, and one-on-one sessions.




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