The Nature of Tantra

The Nature of Tantra

with Laura Carrotti
Saturday, August 26 / 2-5 PM

$18 in advance, $22 day of

What is Tantra? What are its benefits?

‘The Nature of Tantra’ is an open call for those who would like to know more about this often misunderstood topic.
This three-hour event includes an introductory talk, active meditation, and Q&A session.

Tantra uses sexuality as a portal to enter into our unconscious depths. The sexual energy is the basic energy of the being; when it is impeded we are unable to reach our full potential. Working with this energy is like a diagnostic to help bring awareness to blockages and distortions, and to bring this current of energy back into the light.

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Laura Carrotti has dedicated her life to helping people redefine their relationship with their sexuality. She merges traditional Yoga and Tantra with breath work, psycho-spiritual inquiry and dynamic meditation to create an experience of presence and embodiment. Participants are guided through an individual process which maps out the patterns and mental conditioning present in their relating and allows them to take responsibility for their lives rather than feel victims of fate. From this place of responsibility acceptance unfolds, and from acceptance can come lasting change.

Laura completed a seven year, University- style Tantra curriculum at Agama Yoga in Thailand where she found the perfect balance between clear, scientific theory of and formidable practice. She finished the program and became the principal lecturer, student councilor and Beginner Level Coordinator. In the Tantric training Laura found the culmination of what she had been seeking, a way to integrate Spirituality and manifestation, a manner of working with the sexual energy instead of against it.

After finishing the program she focused on women’s groups and workshops on sexuality as both seemed to her a response to her deepest calling and an area of profound dissatisfaction in the world. Far from being done studying Laura now spends half her year in Rishikesh, India where she teaches and studies Right Hand Tantra with Guruji Rajkumar Baswar and is a devoted disciple of Sri Prem Baba, with whom she studies the Pathwork and O Caminho do Coração, the other half of her year is spent traveling and giving workshops.

Laura has lectured, given workshops, and taught Hatha Yoga in Brazil, Thailand, Belgium, Vietnam, India, Turkey, Canada and the U.S.

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