The Matrix of the Present Moment: Energy Healing & Talk

The Matrix of the Present Moment: Energy Healing & Talk

with James Hyman
Sunday, March 29th / 7:15-9:30 pm

An evening experiential workshop with Shamanic Healer, James Hyman, founder Deep Emotional Release Bodywork and Quantum-Theta Healing

Witness and Experience the energy of Deep Emotional Release, expanded consciousness and expanded awareness.

Experience the Luminous Mind. Learn a powerful open eyed meditation, known previously only to Tibetan Masters.

Learn what it really means to be free in the Present Moment,

Learn Indispensable tools to access your desired results. This is about truly waking up, NOW!

Layers of Repressed Emotional energy keeps us from making real contact with life in the Present Moment. James Hyman is an expert at helping people identify and release these negative patterns from the body and the subconscious mind, at the cellular level, and in turn, to then connect them with the higher vibration of their unlimited vision for their life, and imprint that frequency into their mind, their Higher Self, and the Quantum Field of energy.

By witnessing and for several volunteers, experiencing Deep Emotional Release Bodywork in the group dynamic, you will absorb and understand what it means to have real confidence in your spiritual practice and spiritual path. By the end of the evening, the group will have a joint experience of entering into the Quantum Field and the Luminous Mind.


World renowned shamanic healer, and master teacher, James Hyman, founder of Deep Emotional Release Bodywork and Quantum-Theta healing is a modern day living master.

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