The Circle of Light

The Circle of Light

With Psychic Medium Riz Mirza
Thursday, October 20 / 8 – 10:30 pm


Receive powerful and insightful answers to any personal questions about your life. Feel a new sense of freedom and perspective. All aspects of love, consciousness, and how to live a fuller, deeper, more vibrant existence are discussed. People laugh, cry and are awakened by the guidance and clarity. The Circle of Light brings people together.

“I was seriously blown away by Red Eagle. I’ve been a metaphysician all my life, and witnessed numerous channels, who, honestly, did not impress me. You’re having channeled Red Eagle gave me a new take on having witnessed a truly inspiring and moving phenomenon.”
— Diana A. Aylward

Riz enters into a deep trance (called Trance Channeling) and leaves his physical body as master Spirit Guides speak through him with love, wisdom and powerful piercing insight. His main message bearer is Chief Red Eagle, an unforgettable loving presence who answers your personal questions on any aspect of your life.

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Riz Mirza is a naturally born psychic medium and has delivered thousands of messages from loved one’s who have crossed over. His ever growing following is enlivened by his accurate readings but his messages are also encoded and delivered in a style that gives people an opportunity to understand their fear and pain and to dissolve any insecurities they may have about the subject. He is a spiritual teacher by nature, and shares how anyone can be their own guru.

Riz Mirza has been compared to Jane Roberts, Esther Hicks, and Edward Casey by the people who have known them personally and followed their work; they have been intrigued by the likeness and level of accuracy and advanced wisdom that Riz trance channels. He has channeled over 100 guides from his main message bearer Chief Red Eagle, to known philosophers, presidents, healers, archetypes, ‘alien’ groups, teachers, famous icons and inventors.

As one of LA’s most sought after and popular spiritual teachers, Riz has roots both in India and the United States, combining ancient wisdom and a contemporary global mindset. His unique gift has helped countless people gain clarity, insight and tremendous positive life energy.  Impacting people’s lives with his one-on-one in depth Private Psychic Readings in person, by phone, or to large groups, he has gained enormous popularity. His readings have often been hailed as “profound, poetic and powerful.”

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