The 6 Languages of Arousal: A Workshop for Couples

The 6 Languages of Arousal: A Workshop for Couples

with Lisa Citore & Len Van Nostrand
Saturday, November 23 / 1-5 pm
$150/ couple if registered by November 1
$199/ couple after November 1

How can we feel more deeply met in sex?  

How can we stay true to ourselves and our own sexual needs and desires when what turns us on is different from what turns our partner on?  

How can we stay turned on in long term relationships? 

How can we continue to grow in our sex lives as much as we grow in other parts of our lives? 

In this sexual self mastery class for couples, you’ll learn: 

– A sure-fire formula for sexual chemistry and connection 

– The 6 different languages of arousal and what your personal arousal type is

– The best fore-play practices and sex positions for you and your partner’s arousal types

– How to create sexually electric date nights and bring more eros into your relationship

In a safe, supportive space, through experiential exercises, provocative questions and journaling, along with one on one, as well as group sharing and witnessing, you and your partner will be guided to explore your own and each other’s erotic worlds to create the sexual passion and intimate connection you both deeply desire.  

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Lisa Citore is a couples intimacy coach and leads sexual and creative empowerment workshops for women. She is the founder of Anima, Theater of the Feminine Underground and Anima Creativity Lab and the writer, director, producer and a performer in four theater productions, including The Tao of Sex, Bloodlines, Riding the Dragon and Keep it Wet. She leads Tantra Games with her beloved. She sings in the band, Vocabella.  Her online women’s sexual self mastery series, Awaken Your Feminine Fire, begins October 2019. 

She’s studied with top teachers in the field of sexuality and Tantra, including Shakti Malan, Margo Anand, David Deida and Michaela Boehm.  She also has extensive knowledge of Goddess practices and ritual through her years with the 13 Moon Mystery School. She’s currently working on her first book, The Languages of Arousal. For more information on her work: and

Len Van Nostrand
has over 30 years of education, training and practice as a psychotherapist, counselor and guide specializing in the areas of substance use, harm reduction, trauma, post recovery, marriage and families.

He is a founding member of an integration support group, providing education, support and counseling for those who have had difficulty integrating powerful meditation experiences.



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