Teacher Training

There is a vastness to Being that most of us have not been incentivized to explore. We instead have been trained to acquire things in order to feel alive.

Every day we’re reminded of the transitory nature of things and the suffering that comes from attaching our identity to items and ideas about ourselves that come and go.

A yoga practice’s primary function is to liberate us from false ideas casting illusionary shadows we live in constant fear of.

Let’s explore.


Our training is Yoga Alliance certified.

We’ll offer:

*the fundamentals of leading an in-depth and balanced yoga practice.

*how to instruct and offer basic hands-on and hands-off adjustments.

*subtle nuances of sequencing movements, music, talking points and poses.

*input from a traditional and eclectic variety of veteran teachers offering their insight, wisdom and experience.

*the difference between a self-centered class and a class centered on Self.

*basic anatomy: How the body functions best, what roadblocks it confronts and a variety of tools to meet these roadblocks.

*Introduction to Yoga philosophy and psychology in it’s “original” form and via it’s many interpretations over the millennia.


If you want to spend 12 or so weeks exploring the yogic life

of inquiry and movement, health and true fitness, please join us.

The food alone will be worth it.

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