SpiritSings Soul Chant

SpiritSings Soul Chant

with Noell Grace & Ejé Lynn-Jacobs
Wednesday, September 27
7-9 PM

$10 in advance / $15 day of

Set your singing heart free in loving community! Song ministers Noell Grace and Ejé Lynn-Jacobs are offering monthly SpiritSings Soul Chants at Yoga Soup. Join us in joy generating guided group singing affirming our Divine nature and unity with all. Feel the shakti flow as we sing soulful chants, simple songs and call and response in a full range of musical styles including gospel, folk rock, mystical, indigenous, rhythm and blues, celtic and fusion. With Randy Tico on bass, guitarist Steve Miles and Bobby LeBlanc on percussion.

Guest Sudama Kennedy will be accompanying Noell and Ejé for September’s gathering.

Lyrics projected on screen in English with a dash of Sanskrit, Aramaic, Paiute and Hawaiian. After the midway cookie/mingle break, inspired guest musicians perform one or two original songs, followed by a second set of heart expanding group song. At evening’s end the energy is high and our joy is deep and lasting.

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Spirit Sings will be sharing their offering on the following future dates as well:

  • Wednesday, October 25
  • Wednesday, November 22
  • Monday, December 18

About Noell Grace:
 One of my greatest bliss zones is singing and toning in community. Over the years I’ve discovered vocal sound, (nada yoga!), to be my primary path of transformation and celebration. I have a knack for writing simple songs and chants that invoke the joy of Being and have offered guided group singing events around the world. It’s especially fulfilling for me to provide supportive, inspiring space for people to open up and sing out due to my former fear of singing in public. I eventually found my way through to wide open self-expression so if I can do it..anyone can! Ejé rocks and it’s a joy to be so aligned in our musical ministry through SpiritSings.

About Ejé Lynn-Jacobs:
I love music, computer technology and Spirituality. I use these gifts in my life as a music entrepreneur (“Sound Transformation Network” www.STNStudios.com) and I am earnestly moving to expand the loving connection, spiritual consciousness and cooperation for all people on our globe! 
I am a spiritual being born into this human body with a desire for honest communication, exchange of ideas and the manifestation of ideas into physical reality. Music is a joyful, physical phenomenon where feelings and ideas are made manifest for oneself and others and I believe we humans are truly blessed with this birthright called music. Our interactions with the energies and people around us create a music of their own. Here with Noell and SpiritSings I can BE the music of our lives as we sing truths together with joy and commitment.

Percussion: Bobby LeBlanc
Bass: Randy Tico
Lead Guitar: Steve Miles

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