Song: The Oldest Language–an inCourage Chorus Winter Drop-In Series

Song: The Oldest Language–an inCourage Chorus Winter Drop-In Series

Song: The Oldest Language
A 4-week series of singing, human connection & expressive exploration
with Ben & Britta of The inCourage Chorus
Mondays / Jan 6, 13, 20, 27 / 7-8:30pm
$18 drop in, 4-week pass for $60

What is so transformative about music?

How is it that we can say so much more with melody than we can with spoken words?

How is it that singing can both frighten and enliven us, inspiring both joy and grief?

Over this 4-week series we will answer these questions through a journey of song, movement, storytelling, the truth of listening wholly and the potency of silence.

Join us to learn songs taught in the oral tradition, create soundscapes, play group improvisation games, share stories, broaden our perspective, and bask in both sound and silence. Move together using body percussion and breath, and lean into the one instrument we all share in this human experience.

We invite your curiosity, your courage, and perhaps most of all, your truth.

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We are white-identifying facilitators committed to undoing white supremacy internally and systemically, and specifically in our facilitation of this choir and our community song offerings. That said, we acknowledge that an all-white facilitation team will in itself mean that some People of Color will not have the sense of ease and trust needed to participate. We are mourning this, and holding the dilemma of dismantling white supremacy while still being embedded in the legacy of white supremacy. Having said that, we welcome people of all racial identities.

Song carriers Benjamin Gould & Britta Gudmunson share from the heart and facilitate song in the oral song tradition. They believe music truly is medicine, and it is also every human being’s birthright. It is their mission to bring community together in a spirit of courageous, musical expression and activism while exploring the connective instrument of voice. Members of the Ubuntu Choir Network, Ben and Britta are graduates of the Community Choir Leadership Training in Victoria, BC. They’ve been singing together for over six years and have a deep connection to the ways song can mend the heart, mind and creative spirit.

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