Singing Together: Nourish the Soul & Re-Enchant the World

Singing Together: Nourish the Soul & Re-Enchant the World

with Laurence Cole
Friday, April 19 / 7-9pm
$20 in advance, $25 day of

Laurence Cole is a prolific and beloved songwriter and community song leader from the Pacific Northwest who travels widely sharing his songs, his voice, and his heartfelt facilitation. 

This very special song circle blends improvisational play with Laurence’s vast repertoire of original, infectious songs, often inspired by both current and ancient teachers, poets, philosophers, and wisdom keepers across time and space. They are easy to learn but weave enough rhythmic, harmonic interest and challenge to draw folks into the pleasure of crafting together a rich tapestry of shared beauty and meaning.  

One abiding thread of interest weaves throughout Laurence’s life… when, where and how have human beings lived in a respectful, sacred, equitable relationship with each other and the rest of nature, and what arts and practices enabled them to do so and pass such attitudes and behaviors on to the coming generations.  

As a lover of song, and of cultures that sing together communally as a primary means of connection, belonging, and the passing along of regenerative wisdom, he has made it a central mission of his life to follow those examples and seek to re-awaken them in our current cultural context.  

Don’t miss this rare opportunity to welcome this bright being into our community and into your own heart!

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