Sacred Heart : A Backbending Practice

Sacred Heart : A Backbending Practice

with Erica Blitz
Sunday, March 18 / 1-4pm
$35 in advance / $40 day of

Backbends are some of the most challenging and vulnerable of asanas— even the more experienced students can feel intimidated by this group of postures— primarily because they mobilize our entire axis of support (the spine) while opening and exposing the heart and the front body.

However, a shift in the way you approach backbends, with particular attention to the cervical and lumbar regions, can make heart-openers a complete delight, and enable you to receive the benefits and freedom they can bring to your yoga practice and your off-the-mat flow.

Within the context of core integration and opening the shoulders and hips, we will :
• explore the fundamental principles (and misconceptions) of safe backbends, in order to skillfully learn the art of releasing and unfurling the spine
• learn fundamental alignment and principal movement patterns to create safe and strong back bending
• offer key insights to help transform backbends and create greater opening, deepened awareness, understanding and fuller progression into more advanced variations
• free up the primeval current of energy within our spines to enable it to flow and radiate dynamically throughout the whole body and mind
• explore and experience the philosophical and spiritual aspects of backbend poses
• find confidence, grace and nourishment in your backbends by accessing the sacred power of your heart

Come prepared to be challenged, stretched and opened to the core!

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Erica believes in the power to move + be moved. Grounded in a supportive, non-competitive atmosphere, Erica weaves a balance of intensity and grace into rhythmic, mindful movements that build physical strength and flexibility, reduce stress and quiet the mind. Together with a focus on breath awareness and physical alignment, she offers an inspiring moving meditation that is fun, challenging (yet accessible) and calming leaving her students energized and centered long after they’ve left their mat. She is passionate about body mechanics and creating a sustainable and creative practice for her students.

Erica’s approach to yoga is steeped in an intensive background of yogic studies, health sciences (developmental psychology and nutrition) and healing arts (aromatherapy, massage, meditation). Her most influential teachers include Noah Maze, Chris Chavez and T.K.V. Desikachar— all of whom illuminate the physical, mental, spiritual and heartfelt benefits of practicing and teaching yoga. Most recently, Erica teamed up with Namaste TV in Canada to write, design and narrate Season 3 and Season 4 of Namaste Yoga, the world’s premier instructional yoga series.

Erica teaches in Santa Barbara, CA and offers yoga teacher trainings and workshops around the world.

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