Remembering Our Gifts for a Troubled World

Remembering Our Gifts for a Troubled World

with Alexis Slutzky
Friday, April 26 / 3-5PM

We all came into this world with gifts to share on behalf of what we love. Following our hearts, unfettered by conditioning and expectations from family and society is a courageous and challenging journey. This is an opportunity to come together with our heartbreak, love and gifts, and listen to what is alive each of us. There will be time to share with each other and glean wisdom from the collective about what we are called to at this time. Alexis will offer her perspective on the necessity and ordeal of finding our way in these troubled times, guided by a deep remembering and knowing.

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Alexis Slutzky, MFTis a mentor, educator, guide and facilitator whose work supports cultural restoration through council, dream work, nature connection, grief tending, community ritual and conversation and rites of passage. Alexis holds a Master’s Degree from Pacifica Graduate Institute is Adjunct Faculty at Antioch University and offers programs, groups and one-on-one mentoring out of her private practice, Wild Belonging, and in affiliation with other organizations.


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