Radical Goal Setting Workshop

Radical Goal Setting Workshop

with Shane Weaver
Monday, September 16 / 7-9 PM
$20 in advance / $25 day-of

What is it you plan to do with this WILD and PRECIOUS life?!.. We are all given this beautiful gift of life and have so many ways in which we can find happiness and fulfillment. Although as humans in our modern digital world it is easy to feel overwhelmed, small and not good enough to strive for what we truly want in our lives. Through social pressure and advertising we are constantly being told who we should be, what careers we should have, how we should look and what a healthy, successful life looks like. Our fear of failure can drive us to play it safe, to fit in, and can keep us from being bold and pursuing our best life.

This workshop is curated to create a space that invites you to claim your life back, to cut through much of your unconscious agreements, self limiting beliefs and through what you have been told is the path to happiness and fulfillment, or “what you think other people think you should be doing with your life”. You will be invited to slow down and connect authentically with your true Self, identify what actual, real life EXPERIENCES, PERSONAL GROWTH and CONTRIBUTION you want to accomplish while you are here on this earth. Creating these three “end goal” lists will empower you to actually achieve and experience them instead of getting distracted by the means to the end (goals). You will focus directly on the end experiences you want to have and not get lost in what society tells you is the means to that end. If your ready to be courageous and pursuit your dream life please join us at Yoga Soup for this workshop!

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Shane is a personal coach who has been trained and specializes in Positive Psychology in Coaching. He has long held a strong interest in psychology and philosophy and is intrigued by how the mind works and how we can optimize our moment to moment experience to get the most out of life. Shane is driven by the goal of empowering others to be the best versions of themselves, flourish in all aspects of life and achieve their highest dreams and aspirations . He is also involved and connected with the evolving men’s movement and is passionate about making the world a better place through influencing men to become more aware and engaged in how they are showing up in the world – for themselves, their family and friends, and humanity as a collective. Shane loves collaborating with others to help them explore and define what they truly want out of life and how to get it!

Learn more about Shane’s work here: gallantrycoaching.com

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