Radical Aliveness: Yoga, Qigong and Somatic Meditation

Radical Aliveness: Yoga, Qigong and Somatic Meditation

with Chloe Conger
Sunday, May 28 / 3:30-5 pm
$20 drop in or class pass

Get out of your head!

Cultivate deep presence, peace, and aliveness, with slow yoga (all levels), the easeful moving meditation of qigong, and embodiment practices.
Come home to the wordless wisdom, and timeless mystery of the body’s intelligence.
Weekly themes:
1: Breath
2: Rest
3: Receptivity
4: Integration.

To register, simply visit our schedule on MindBody or call our front desk at 805-965-8811.

Chloe has been teaching yoga for 20 years, and has been studying meditation for 10 years in the Theravaden tradition of Vipassana at Spirit Rock. She earned degrees in Anthropology at Stanford, was an actress and recording artist, and has traveled the world extensively.  She wishes to share practices that have helped her appreciate things just as they are. Beyond dogma or poses, she is interested in stopping the struggle and being free, open hearted, and full of love. To this end she draws from many teachers and traditions in addition to Buddhism, including Advaita Vedanta, mystic poets, Rick Hanson, Adyashanti, transpersonal psychology and anyone who can see through the belief in the separate self and have a good laugh. She has also studied with Byron Katie and The Hendricks Institute; and is currently training to teach Radical Wholeness with Philip Shepherd.

Healing happens when the big Self, our “oceanness,” touches the little human self, our “waveness.” When the salt of our sorrow and pain is held in the endless lake of awareness, the water remains pure and clear. May we remember who we really are.



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