Positions + Transitions with Socks + Blocks

Positions + Transitions with Socks + Blocks

with Erica Blitz
Sunday, June 30 / 1-3:30 pm
$30 in advance / $35 day-of

Explore dynamic ways to move your body through various skills + drills designed to help you move with power and precision to evolve your practice. With creative variations on traditional movements and yoga poses, you will sweat + smile as a means to take your asanas into fuller expressions and to help you access some of the more challenging yoga poses.

With the intention of enhancing your strength, coordination, flexibility and mobility, this will be a fun and challenging workshop where you’re invited to explore and play with Sun Salutations along with various hip openers, inversions, backbends, arm balances, and more. We will cool down with gentle seated, supported and supine stretching to leave you with a sense of integration.

This workshop is open to all levels of students willing to work and play hard.

Note: Bring a pair of socks.

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Erica believes in the power to move + be moved. Grounded in a supportive, non-competitive atmosphere, Erica weaves a balance of strength and grace into rhythmic, mindful movements that build physical vitality and flexibility, reduce stress and quiet the mind. Together with a focus on breath awareness and physical alignment, she offers an inspiring moving meditation that is fun, challenging (yet accessible) and calming leaving her students energized and centered long after they’ve left their mat.

She is passionate about body mechanics and creating a sustainable and creative practice for her students. Moving from point to point, breath by breath, and completely absorbed in the present moment, Erica’s classes reflect a balance between structure and fluidity, strength and flexibility, support and surrender, stillness and motion, limits and liberty, holding on and letting go, stability and freedom.

Website: www.ericablitz.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EricaBlitzYoga/

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