New Year’s Eve Ecstatic Breathing

New Year’s Eve Ecstatic Breathing

with Eddie Ellner
Tuesday, December 31 / 8:30 pm
$45 in advance / $55 day of


Join me New Year’s Eve for an evening of Ecstatic Breathing, Light Stretching, Special Beverages, Sweet Potatoes and Other Really Incredible Short-lived Things.
Yoga Soup, 8:30 p.m.
Many years ago I did some of this Breathing on retreat with a guy named Steve Ross. We laid down on the floor. Steve instructed us to “breathe deep and fast”. To the many questions people had Steve said, “breathe deep and fast.” I followed the instructions. Toward the end I experienced a state that I imagined heaven must feel like: conscious, inside a body made of clouds, the veil between your Self and your God permanently lifted. All is well because well is how it is when you stop trying to make it well.
I asked Steve afterwards: “Do you feel like this all the time?”
I was naive. I assumed there was a permanent state worth chasing that once achieved would never change and I’d get to stay there forever. Kind of like Heaven.
Steve didn’t respond to the question.
He said, “find that which doesn’t change.”
I had no idea what he was talking about.
I repeated my question.
He repeated his answer, adding, “find the witness to all that changes.”
I really had no idea what he was talking about.
He’d leave it up to me to determine what all these fluctuating states of experience mean.
He’d leave it up to me to see the futility of trying to make permanent states of sensory experience that are designed to come and go.
He’d leave it up to me to discover the danger and disrespect of projecting idealized states of being on to another person.
The breathing changed the direction of my life. Something that powerful and evocative came from an hour of breathing? Sign me up. I’m still signed up, 23 years later.
The useful thing about non-ordinary states of being is that they are ….. non-ordinary. They provide a different lens out of which to experience the world. One minute you’re a putz slogging through life, judging every one and every thing and then suddenly you’re catapulted into your heart which is now big enough to fit the world. Whoa.
The downside of non-ordianary states of being is: they don’t last. Whatever brought you to that experience wears off and you’re back inside a mindset that’s constantly setting one thing against another, seeking return to that exalted place.
What a set-up! It’s only reasonable to want whatever thing, substance, event, experience that got you there to get you back as quickly as possible. Please Sir, can I have some more …. dervish square-dancing, heroin, ecstatic breath, tantric badminton, more, more, more …….
The $6.40 question then is:
Did the activity/substance provide the exalted experience or
did the activity/substance reveal an inherent state inside that’s accessible without it?
That’s the question we’re allowed to ask of any experience/substance we become attached and addicted to. Is it the thing itself that our minds tell us we must have or is the thing pointing us back to ourselves?
I love the breathing we’re going to do New Year’s Eve. It’s a direct way to break through some psychic scar tissue in the way of Truth. It’s non-polluting, self-generating and free. Well, not really free. To attend will cost 44 bucks if you sign up in advance, $55 at the door. It’s kind of a joke to charge money to breathe but you also get some great finger food, a nice place to be and the good company of fellow voyagers.
Hope to see you there.
However you spend your New Year’s, much love to you all.
Ecstatic New Year’s Eve Breathing w/Eddie Ellner, Luca Cupery, Other Interesting People and great things to eat and drink. Mediation, music and dancing highly likely.
$45 in advance. $55 at the door

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