Rumi: Music, Motion & Mysticism…The Poetry of the 13th century Sufi Mystic & The Music and Dance It Inspired…

Rumi: Music, Motion & Mysticism…The Poetry of the 13th century Sufi Mystic & The Music and Dance It Inspired…

with Kavi Alexander
Saturday, December 14 / 7:30-9:30 pm
Gather at 7pm for soup and tea
$25 in advance/ $30 day-of

Join us for a night of storytelling and celebration of the poetry of Rumi.

Who truly is Rumi? Come, hear the story of a young man’s serendipitous introduction to Sufism, through initiation, deep in the jungles of Sri Lanka, known also as Serendib in Sufi lore and considered the original site of the Garden of Eden. Hear of his discovery, in Paris, during the heady days of the late sixties, the inflamed love poetry of Mevelana Jalaladdin Muhammad, a 13th century Persian Sufi mystic. A strict orthodox Muslim theologian and scholar, who was transformed by a wondering ascetic and Sufi preceptor of the highest order, into a mystic and poet. His poetry celebrates Devine Love, as expressed between Lover and Beloved.

Having lived his entire adult life in the city of Konya, in Roman Anatolia, he was thus known as Mevlana Jalaladdin Rumi. The last word, derived from “Rum”, the Arabic word for the Eastern Roman Empire, was indicative of his domicile. Born however, in Balkh, a city within the Persian empire, he is also known as Mevlana Jalaladdin Balkhi. Again, the last word in this case, indicative of his place of birth. The term Mevlana, meaning “Our Master” in Arabic, Persian and Turkish, was an honorific bestowed upon him by his disciples and from which, is derived the term Mevlevi, the name of the Turkish Sufi order, rooted in his teachings and founded by his son.

Savor the holy wine of Mevlana, get a whiff of this rare rose, in the garden of the Beloved, by auditioning a unique and rare recording of his mystical poetry, recited in the original Persian and accompanied by classical Turkish music, played by Mevlevi Sufis on Ud (lute), Nay (reed flute) and Bendir (Frame drum). This historic recording, made to fulfill a dream of Mevlana, wherein he instructed that a recording of his poetry be made within his mausoleum, remains the only one ever done within that sacred resting place of Our Master, in Konya, Turkey.

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Kavi Alexander is the founder of Water Lily Acoustics– a small, independent, Grammy Award winning record company. Kavi devoted the last forty years nourishing the concept of “Music without Borders.” It has been Kavi’s intention to record the master musicians of the East and the West, thus helping to preserve the cultural heritage of the world’s greatest musical traditions. 

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