Movement Lab

Movement Lab

New Class starting 2019,  every Wednesday  !

with Melissa Lowenstein & Lamara Heartwell,
Wednesday, January 9 / 7-8:30 PM

Movement Lab (/ˈmo͞ovmənt/ /lab/) n. A movement community experience suitable for every body: combining guided movement meditations, structured improvisation, dynamic exploration, simple choreographed exercises, and the exhilarating experience of moving in unison with others.

It’s body-as-playground; it’s expand-your-movement-vocabulary; it’s a moment to stop being a floating head and re-enter our kinetic, somatic selves; to breathe hard, to swing free, to sweat, to laugh.

Go to Yoga Soup Class Schedule to register. 

With facilitators Melissa Lowenstein, Lamara Heartwell, and others (to be announced), find freedom, a sense of home, and connection to self & others ⎯ all sourced from the potentials of your one beautiful body.

This will be an ongoing class each Wednesday with our regular class rates. For more information about our prices and special packages please click here.

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