MOTHER EARTH: Write for the Planet

MOTHER EARTH: Write for the Planet

with Chantal Wunderlich, M.A., MFT Psychodynamic Pyschotherapist
Sunday, March 22 / 2-4 pm
$30 in advance, $35 day-of


Our fears about the environment are real and valid. How can we tend to our outer world before addressing our inner climate? 

Renowned climate activists such as Joana Macy and Paul Hawken agree that the paralysis that plagues us collectively and individually around issues of climate activism are a result of our unacknowledged/repressed feelings about climate change. In order to tend to the needs of the planet, we must first tend to ourselves.

This workshop is designed to help people put words to their feelings about the environment through the act of writing.

Participants of the workshop will be guided through a series of writing exercises to help them:

  • make connections of how inner and outer climate relate (cosmic ecology)
  • gain support from a conscious community
  • give expression to feelings about the environment so as not to hold them in the body
  • express frustration and grief
  • liberate inner resources: hope and creativity


“Hope is always accompanied by the imagination, the will to see what our physical environment seems to deem impossible. Only the creative mind can make use of hope. Only a creative people can wield it.”

—Jericho Brown

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Chantal has been helping people write for healing, and change since 2014. She lives in Santa Barbara, where she practices psychotherapy, offering individual psychodynamic talk-therapy as well as therapeutic writing groups for women.

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