Morning Silent Tea Ceremony

Morning Silent Tea Ceremony

with Lizzie Smith
Friday, November 15 / 7:30-8:30 AM
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Join us for a Silent Tea Ceremony with Lizzie Smith.

Drinking Tea ceremonially offers an opportunity to cultivate stillness and acceptance of the present moment. During our time together we will sit in reverent silence and connect to nature, ourselves and one another. Poured with love, from Lizzie’s heart to yours.

There will be no talking before and during the ceremony.  Reflection and discussion is welcome after the ceremony.  Please arrive in silence with an open heart and mind.

The nature of Tea Ceremony is very intimate, only 7 seats are open to registration!

Registration coming soon.

Lizzie Smith is a student of Tea. She has been studying Tea Ceremony for 2 years under her teacher, Wu De, and the Tea Sage Hut based in Miaoli, Taiwan. Lizzie’s connection to tea and ceremony has been a lifelong exploration. She is a member of Global Tea Hut, a community of Tea lovers from around the world. She has been practicing yoga for 12 years and has found her Tea practice to compliment her yoga practice (and life) beautifully.


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