Moon Cycle and Yoni Empowerment

Moon Cycle and Yoni Empowerment

with Justine Perrizo
Saturday, October 12 / 2-4 pm
$25 in-advance, $30 day-of

Empower and connect with your womb space. In this workshop we will explore nutrition based on where you are in your cycle, learn about how and when to Yoni steam, healing and balancing herbs for daily teas. This time will be used to help facilitate bringing back intuition into your cycle with tracking ovulation, personal and specific questions and practices to bring ourselves into deeper balance. Participants in this workshop will walk away feeling like they can take their womb health into their hands by learning ancient and modern practices for a happier healthier vagina. We will end with womb space breathing practice. Participants will also have a chance to buy a Yoni steaming box and herbal blends at a discounted rate.

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Justine has studied traditional Chinese medicine as well as Ayurveda and most recently studied as a Western herbalist and nutrition with an emphasis in women’s health. She has been teaching yoga and breath work for 9 years.

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