Men in Midlife: Tools for Vigorous Health and Sexuality

Men in Midlife: Tools for Vigorous Health and Sexuality

with Dr. Erika Thost
Wednesday, May 10 / 7-9pm

How can middle-aged men get back on top of their game and sustain a positive mood, strong libido, and an energetic presence?

Often, men do not realize there are solutions to their midlife conundrums. And those solutions are surprisingly easy, safe, effective, and affordable.

In this talk, you’ll receive practical, useful, and scientific information to nurture physical and emotional well-being that will intrigue you into taking action.

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Dr Erika Thost has had decades of experience as a medical doctor and a teacher of sexuality. Her medical practice is dedicated to enhancing midlife health and sexuality as well as prostate health for men. She graduated from Dartmouth Medical School. Her private practice is in Santa Barbara, CA. Her patients are all over the USA. She also teaches email courses: Men’s Midlife Health and Sexuality; Vibrant Body, Vital Mind for happily eating lightly and managing weight; The Happiness Infrastructure Project; and The Singles and Relationship Course.

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